7 Benefits of Working With an IT Consulting & Support Services Provider

In the age of the internet, so much depends on having proper IT expertise by your side. Learn how hiring an IT Support Service expert can benefit your company.

In a modern digital business landscape, businesses greatly depend on technology to achieve their goals, get ahead of the competition curve, and keep their customers satisfied. Aside from providing a competitive advantage, the latest technology helps organizations improve decision-making, perform vital tasks more effectively, and so on.

However, it takes some time and effort to get into managing modern tech solutions. The best way to tackle this challenge is to hire dedicated IT Support Service experts who can lend you their IT expertise.

Here’s how KBIT can help.

1. Easy to Recognize Problems

Many companies, especially start-ups, often don’t have the experience, expertise, or objectivity to recognize IT issues and problems in a timely manner. IT experts can bring in a fresh perspective.

An experienced IT consultant can inform you of the best cloud solutions to help reduce operational and on-site infrastructure costs. And in case any problems arise, your IT experts can act quickly to mitigate the consequences before they escalate.

2. Focusing on Your Core Efforts

When you know that you have your IT needs covered, it’s much easier to focus on your core mission. Regardless of what industry you work in, every business performs the best when it’s fully focused on its core competencies.

If your employees aren’t qualified to meddle with IT issues, requiring them to do so will only result in more problems. Instead, leverage IT experts and let your employees focus on their core mission.

3. Attract and Retain Employees

Modern tech-savvy companies heavily invest in digital infrastructure to attract top talent that knows to value such efforts. People who are tech-savvy and consider themselves IT experts need a working environment where they can advance and upgrade their skills. They also want to do what they are paid to do.

To avoid unhappy employees, you should work on a solution that will take care of each aspect of your operations. You can’t expect your accountants to deal with IT issues. By hiring an IT expert, you can have a fully configured IT system set in place, and everything will work according to the plan.

Happy employees are much easier to retain, while a healthy company culture does wonders for attracting top talent.

4. Flexibility and Adaptability

Modern technology is constantly on the move, changing and evolving. It’s so easy to lose track, and when you do, your operations take a serious hit. Instead of taking your chance, hiring an IT consulting service provider can help you adjust quickly to the latest changes, get on board with the current trends, exceed market demands, and more.

5. Recognize New Opportunities

Running a business today comes down to gathering data and recognizing patterns that can help your business perform better. IT experts and customer support service providers can provide you with valuable data to help you understand how the latest technologies and trends could fit in with your current business strategy.

6. Save on Operating Expenses

When you don’t have to deal with problems beyond your control, it’s much easier to recognize opportunities to save on operating expenses.

Aside from setting up a healthy IT infrastructure for you, IT consultants can also help reduce your expenses by pointing out more cost-effective practices in other areas of your business.

7. Less Downtime

For any e-commerce business of today, it’s essential to have as little downtime as possible. Server crashes, internet problems, website attacks, data breaches all cause downtime. IT experts can help prevent and deal with these issues ASAP.

More importantly, they can help harness the power of complex technologies and implement it the right way to ensure better cybersecurity, higher efficiency, and productivity.


As you can see, you need proper IT personnel to ensure maximum security and productivity for your business. Hiring IT professionals isn’t as expensive as it used to be in the past and it offers a lot. Improve every aspect of your organization by having good and reliable IT experts among your ranks you can count on when it matters the most.

How We Can Help You Tackle Your IT Challenges

It is common knowledge that IT can be a complicated necessity, especially for growing SMBs. Managers and business owners are now turning to third-party firms for managed IT and cloud-based services, causing a 24% annual increase in the industry.

Here, we’ll discuss how KBIT consulting and cloud-based services, Brisbane, can help you get the best out of information and cloud technology.

Common IT challenges faced by growing businesses

Managers and business owners often face several issues when running a remote IT department. This block reviews a few of them.

Network security challenges

A survey from the Australian Cyber Security Center revealed that 62% of businesses had experienced network breaches like phishing, malware, etc. It further showed that Australia loses about $300 million annually to malicious attacks.

Outdated equipment and software

IT hardware and software require frequent maintenance to function optimally. That attracts higher budgets and more skilled personnel. As a result, many small businesses either use outdated systems or increased operational costs.

Data management issues

Excellent data management is inevitable for a growing business. Managers and business owners often face storage, sorting, and analysis problems with big data.

No proper IT plans

A proper IT plan provides an operational and growth structure for the entire business. Many SMBs, however, do not have an IT plan due to several challenges including lack of qualified personnel and low IT budget among others.

How we can help you with your IT challenges

Running an in-house IT department can be burdensome, especially for small and growing enterprises. Hence, experts often advise managers to employ independent firms like KBIT. Below are some solutions we provide for SMBs in Australia.

Securing your network with our firewall network

With its advanced firewall infrastructures and enhanced data security, KBIT protects clients’ data and networks from threats. It also provides disaster-recovery backups for all clients’ lost files.

Providing effective cloud hosting services

KBIT consulting and cloud-hosted backup services, Brisbane provides several cloud-hosting solutions on varying platforms including Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Online, etc. Other offerings are shared cloud, VPS, dedicated server, and shared panel hostings.

Monitoring Your Business Server

Here, the firm offers round-the-clock server monitoring to detect and resolve new and recurring issues quickly. We also provide professional server setup and maintenance services.

VOIP technology

The VOIP technology is a cheap and secure way to communicate with customers and colleagues. Added to that, clients can enjoy other benefits at relatively low costs.

IT Consultation

KBIT Consulting, Brisbane, has a team of engineers and project managers who offer expert advice to all clients. Similarly, on-demand support engineers & help desk agents are available.


How much do KBIT Consultants services cost?

The services come in three packages: Starter, Premium, and Ultimate plans. They vary with the volume of offerings they provide. The starter pack, the smallest of the three, costs $22 monthly. The Premium follows next with $55 per month and Ultimate with a $100 monthly subscription fee.

What type of customer support do KBIT Consultants offer?

The website offers several customer help channels, including a ticket system, email, and telephone support.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +617 3108 2911.

NOTE: The telephone channel is available only Mondays to Fridays between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm.

Who Do We Offer Help?

KBIT Consultants offers managed IT, cloud hostings, VOIP, and consulting services to small, medium, and enterprise businesses across Australia.


IT optimisation offers businesses numerous benefits and helps them to record faster growth. The challenges, however, can be overbearing, especially for SMBs. Hence, KBIT Consultants provides several excellent services to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals at affordable costs and without much ado.

How To Choose A Third Party IT Support Services Provider

That question again! “Would you rather choose the Vendor support or the Third-party system for your business?” Many IT managers would opt for the latter. It is cheaper and more effective. In fact, Research and Markets estimates a 3.51% annual growth in the third-party customer support market (valuing USD 81.5 billion) by 2023.

Business owners must consider several factors when choosing a service provider: company’s location, response speed, etc. This article highlights those variables and several other vital steps.

How to choose a third-party IT support provider

Research from PwC shows that 74% of Australians make purchase decisions based on their customer experience. Hence, it is essential to get the best IT support services provider. Check these tips for more insights.

Consider the company’s location and industry specialization.

Although the distance is not a barrier, certain factors remain relevant in the IT-driven world. Cloud hosting and VoIP work better when the firm is close to the servers. It is also vital to know what languages, locations, and niches of the company covers.

Find out what level of support the company offers.

IT service providers usually offer help in levels. Some offer only basic help desk solutions. Higher tiers require more in-depth technical support and expert opinions. Business owners should opt for firms that offer more sophisticated packages.

Favour a firm with 24/7 services and remote monitoring and management

Running an around-the-clock customer care unit should be a priority. It allows customers to connect seamlessly at any time and from anywhere.

Managers and business owners should also favour firms that offer added services like supervision and maintenance of hardware’s, servers, etc.

Select a company that can handle your organization’s size and need

Managers should choose a support firm that can handle their needs adequately even when they scale. Ignoring this step may cause severe damage to the organization’s growth.

Check for the company’s experience

It is essential to source for reviews, ratings, and references from the firm’s other clients. This helps to communicate the true quality and value of their services. They must ask for the company’s certification. That confirms the firm’s ability to handle the technical problems.

More tips

  • Choose a firm with reasonable charges.
  • Having a dedicated account manager is often helpful
  • Managers must review what the agreement does and doesn’t support.


How do I know if I need a third-party IT support?

IT consulting has numerous advantages but it is not suitable for every business. A business requires an independent IT support provider if it shows these signs:

  • Security lapses and poor efficiency when handling bulky and sensitive data.
  • It experiences an increasing cost of maintaining IT services.
  • Having a poorly functional IT department.
  • There are no IT specialists.

What services do IT support companies offer?

Independent support firms have several responsibilities towards their clients. They provide accurate and timely help to all clients and workers. Their services include:

  • Managing IT services and database
  • Network set-up
  • Network security and cloud computing
  • VoIP services
  • Remote monitoring and management.

What are the levels of IT support?

They are the categories of customer support based on the involvement of expert assistance. The lowest tier, Level 0, involves self-help articles, videos, and FAQs. Higher tiers (Levels 1, 2, and 3) involve increasing levels of expert help from the company.

On a Final Note

96% of the time, customers leave a business after experiencing a bad service (Steph Hyken- Forbes). Hence, hiring a wrong IT consulting firm can ultimately mar a business. On the other hand, a right choice inspires higher and better results.

Virtual Private Cloud Explained – What Are The Benefits?

A VPC (virtual private cloud) is a cloud computing solution that uses a public cloud to provide a private cloud environment. It gives isolated resources within a public cloud that aren’t shared with other public cloud users.

It’s basically a private cloud within a shared infrastructure using VLAN and a private IP subnet. This combines the best of both worlds and gives lots of benefits to enterprises. Here are some of those benefits.

Improved Data Management

When you use an on-premise server, you have full control over your internal data, but you have a fixed infrastructure, you need to manage independently.

With a VPC, you don’t need to worry about various data management processes, such as backups and disaster recovery. Your VPC provider handles those processes similar to what public cloud providers do.

But how does a virtual private cloud improve data management when it’s allocated within a public cloud?

Your private cloud is entirely separate from other clouds, ensuring that your data doesn’t mix with other public cloud users’ data. It’s independent at the network level, meaning it gives you much better control over your data.

Improved Security KBIT cyber security

All of the data movement within the VPC stays within the enterprise firewall. It never crosses the internet, despite being within a public cloud. That means you can safeguard your cloud data at the subnet and instance level.

What’s more, a virtual private cloud managed by hosting providers typically has more resources for maintaining, upgrading, and updating the infrastructure regularly. That gives you complete peace of mind, as you can rest assured that all your data will stay safe and secure.

Better App Performance and Bandwidth

Since none of the data within a VPC crosses the internet, you can forget all about various internet-related issues. As VPCs are completely isolated from those problems, they help improve app performance and bandwidth.

With virtual private cloud managed hosting, all your apps can perform seamlessly, as there will be no latency issues. You can prioritise any app’s network traffic to optimise it and remove potential blockages and other related issues. You can enjoy high levels of uptime and eliminate potential business disruptions.

Reputable VPC providers ensure almost 100% uptime to help every customer run their operations smoothly.


Last but not least, a virtual private cloud can help you save money in the long run. VPCs work on the public cloud, which means that all the organisations that use VPC services share costs with one another. More specifically, they help bring down the costs of VPC solutions.

Having a VPC also means no maintenance costs or fees for hardware upgrades and software updates. You pay for what you use, just like you would with a public cloud.


A VPC provides you with a secure environment where you can better manage and control your data and ensure your apps perform seamlessly without any potential latency or downtime issues. It’s flexible, easy to integrate, and provides long-term cost savings.

Here at KBIT, we offer state-of-the-art virtual private cloud managed hosting to help you switch from a physical server to a secure private cloud network seamlessly and better manage and safeguard your data. Thanks to industry-leading advanced firewall technology, our cutting-edge servers ensure high security, reliability, and speed.

If you choose us, our expert staff will manage and maintain your VPC 24/7, making sure that everything keeps running smoothly so that you can focus on what matters.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and get a free quote.

Why Workplaces Are Moving To Microsoft Teams & How To Benefit From Cloud Based Communication Platforms

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft (MS) Teams is an integrated set of services in Office 365. It empowers teams to communicate and collaborate from their desk, on the go, or in the meeting room. MS Teams brings together people, conversations, content, and notifications from across the suite into one unified experience. By bringing together familiar tools and services like SharePoint Online, Planner, Skype for Business, and Yammer chat into one cohesive service, MS Teams streamlines how you work with your team and improves productivity. This also helps your organisation become more connected. It also facilitates greater employee engagement by allowing them access to the content they need while on the go. MS Teams is used by 1000’s of workplaces in Australia and over 50,000 globally[1].

Benefits of using Microsoft Teams

There has been a significant shift to remote work in recent times with many people working from home or in various locations. In addition to this, there is an increased need for more collaboration within work groups. From communication, automated workflows, and file sharing. Work from anywhere at any time, a simple login is all it takes to be back in the action. Features like a shared clipboard and screen-sharing allow for seamless collaboration between colleagues who might not be working in the same physical space. All these features make it easier to work together on projects seamlessly.

With so many gains, why isn’t everyone using Microsoft Teams?

How to use it on your device

MS Teams is as easy as opening the app, once KBIT have done the set up and installation on either your laptop, desktop or mobile, with a simple sign in. From here you have access to all the workplace tools you need including chat rooms, cloud storage file sharing, collaborative email and much more. All these tools can fit in seamlessly with existing office tools you are already using. Depending on your work arrangements KBIT will work through the best plan and solutions to your needs.

This is where KBIT can help, we have the know how when it comes to implementing and training work teams with Microsoft Teams. We will work with you to decide what would work best for your company and the employees who need to use MS Teams – whether you are a medium company with 50 people or a large company with thousands of people spread around the world, MS Teams has something to offer everyone.


KBIT can help to provide complete end-to-end support ensuring you transform employees’ engagement meaning you get more done in less time. Take advantage of Microsoft Teams and many more Microsoft Office 365 platforms with free migration, free training and ongoing support. Discover how to get started today.

[1] https://news.microsoft.com/en-au/features/microsoft-teams-now-available-in-australia/