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  • Icon Check Fixed-price unlimited monthly IT support.
  • Icon Check 24/7/365 IT support centre.
  • Icon Check Microsoft 365 included in all plans.
  • Icon Check Full PC and network endpoint security included in all plans.
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    Managed IT services for Queensland businesses

    From network infrastructure to applications, security and day-today
    IT support, our managed IT services have got you covered.

    Not just on-hand for reactive, break-fix services and general troubleshooting, our team of managed IT consultants take a proactive approach – looking after your maintenance, planning, security and so much more. We can help you plan ahead for every eventuality and we’re here to support you as you grow your business – because to us, your success is our greatest reward.

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    What are managed IT services, and are they right for my business?

    If your business has 5-50 staff members and the multitude of associated IT needs that come
    with a team of that size, our managed IT services could be the perfect fit for your organisation.

    When you’re looking for expert IT support, you might find you come across a confusing amount of names for the one service. From IT solutions and services and IT support to IT consulting and managed or partially managed IT services, the list is long and complex, yet the meanings are essentially all the same – a team of IT experts that keep your systems running smoothly 24/7, and act as your outsourced IT department.

    When it comes to disruption, downtime is money – and nothing can cause more disruption than IT systems that crash, have been hacked or are simply not doing their job. Our managed IT service helps small-to-medium businesses proactively monitor and maintain their computer systems.

    • Icon Check Remove the need for in-house IT management by outsourcing it to a team of IT experts.
    • Icon Check Access qualified and experienced IT specialists for effective solutions and support.
    • Icon Check Enjoy ongoing maintenance that reduces the risk of security breaches, data loss and other IT problems.
    • Icon Check Keep your IT infrastructure up-to-date for maximum operational efficiency.

    Talk to us about your ongoing IT service needs

    To find out more about our server management services in Brisbane, call us today on 07 3108 2911.

    Alternatively, fill in the form and one of our friendly IT support experts will get back to you shortly.

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      Frequently asked questions about IT managed services

      KBIT Managed IT Services offer ongoing IT support at a fixed monthly fee. It involves proactive monitoring and maintenance along with priority support and management to keep the IT systems of small to large businesses operating at peak performance.

      The benefits of Managed IT services include:

      • IT Issues get resolved quickly before they impact your business’s operations.
      • Ongoing proactive maintenance reduces the risk of security breaches, data loss and downtime.
      • Fixed monthly fees make your IT expenses more predictable and easy to plan.
      • Increases productivity, saves time and reduces operating costs by allowing you to focus on your business without having to worry about any technical IT issues.
      • 24/7 remote monitoring allows us to take instant corrective action.

      Managed IT Services support all types of businesses in all industries. This ranges from small to medium size companies seeking complete IT support so they can focus on their core business and reduce operational costs, to larger companies wanting to supplement their in house IT staff, thereby freeing up resources to complete more strategic projects. Even start-ups that don’t have the financial resources for their own IT staff can use Managed IT services to handle all of their IT issues.

      KBIT offers three different fixed-rate monthly Managed IT services support plans based on the needs of your business. More details about these plans are provided above.

      Our Managed IT Service plans including the following:

      • Unlimited Monthly IT Support at Fixed Rates
      • 24/7 IT Support Centre
      • Microsoft Office 365 included in all IT Support Plans
      • Full PC & Network Security included in all IT Support Plans
      • Access Experienced & Professional KBIT Support Teams