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    What is Virtual Private Cloud?

    A VPC is a secure and yet isolated private cloud hosted within a public cloud.

    You may have heard of virtual private clouds (VPCs), but what are they? Put simply, a VPC is a secure and yet isolated private cloud hosted within a public cloud. If your hosting takes place in a VPC, you can store data, host your website and do everything you’d expect to do in an ordinary private cloud, but hosted remotely by a public cloud provider. In this way your data is kept isolated and secure whilst enjoying all the benefits and convenience of public cloud computing.

    Choosing VPC cloud hosting has a range of benefits for businesses, including the flexibility to grow and improved overall performance.

    • Scalability
      • The flexibility of a VPC being hosted by a public cloud provider means customers can add computing resources on-demand.
    • Easy hybrid cloud deployment
      • It’s relatively simple to connect a VPC to a public cloud or to on-premises infrastructure via the VPN. (Learn about hybrid clouds and their advantages.)
    • Better performance
      • Websites and applications hosted in the cloud tend to perform better than those hosted on local on-premises servers.
    • Better security
      • VPCs are offered by public cloud providers that often have more resources for updating and maintaining the infrastructure – particularly when it comes to SMEs.

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      Frequently asked questions about VPC server hosting

      A Virtual Private Cloud is a digital networking environment that allows your business to operate online via its own private cloud network through a third party shared server. Think of it as a private cloud within a public cloud.

      Public cloud hosting shares and divides the resources of all parties that operate on the public cloud. A virtual private cloud works within a public cloud but with measures in place that ensures private computing resource management.

      The main advantage of Virtual Private Clouds is that your business has control over the virtual environment as your resources are not shared. It is also more cost-efficient compared to independent private cloud server hosting.

      The cost of hosting a virtual private cloud is dependent on the scale of resources your business requires. Contact us to enquire further information.

      Virtual private clouds help small to large businesses looking to store data and host servers without sharing resources from such hostings as fully public clouds.