Why Workplaces Are Moving To Microsoft Teams & How To Benefit From Cloud Based Communication Platforms

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft (MS) Teams is an integrated set of services in Office 365. It empowers teams to communicate and collaborate from their desk, on the go, or in the meeting room. MS Teams brings together people, conversations, content, and notifications from across the suite into one unified experience. By bringing together familiar tools and services like SharePoint Online, Planner, Skype for Business, and Yammer chat into one cohesive service, MS Teams streamlines how you work with your team and improves productivity. This also helps your organisation become more connected. It also facilitates greater employee engagement by allowing them access to the content they need while on the go. MS Teams is used by 1000’s of workplaces in Australia and over 50,000 globally[1].

Benefits of using Microsoft Teams

There has been a significant shift to remote work in recent times with many people working from home or in various locations. In addition to this, there is an increased need for more collaboration within work groups. From communication, automated workflows, and file sharing. Work from anywhere at any time, a simple login is all it takes to be back in the action. Features like a shared clipboard and screen-sharing allow for seamless collaboration between colleagues who might not be working in the same physical space. All these features make it easier to work together on projects seamlessly.

With so many gains, why isn’t everyone using Microsoft Teams?

How to use it on your device

MS Teams is as easy as opening the app, once KBIT have done the set up and installation on either your laptop, desktop or mobile, with a simple sign in. From here you have access to all the workplace tools you need including chat rooms, cloud storage file sharing, collaborative email and much more. All these tools can fit in seamlessly with existing office tools you are already using. Depending on your work arrangements KBIT will work through the best plan and solutions to your needs.

This is where KBIT can help, we have the know how when it comes to implementing and training work teams with Microsoft Teams. We will work with you to decide what would work best for your company and the employees who need to use MS Teams – whether you are a medium company with 50 people or a large company with thousands of people spread around the world, MS Teams has something to offer everyone.


KBIT can help to provide complete end-to-end support ensuring you transform employees’ engagement meaning you get more done in less time. Take advantage of Microsoft Teams and many more Microsoft Office 365 platforms with free migration, free training and ongoing support. Discover how to get started today.

[1] https://news.microsoft.com/en-au/features/microsoft-teams-now-available-in-australia/