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  • Icon Check Pro-active security measures
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    A new and ever-changing risk

    Protect your company’s cloud presence with enterprise grade cyber protection.

    Any company that uses technology today is sadly at risk of a cyberattack. The interconnectedness of our online world has great benefits for all businesses, but also leaves them vulnerable to cybercrime – a multi-million dollar industry that preys on vulnerable IT systems across the globe.

    Harvesting information and obtaining financial gain via gaps in your security systems, cyber criminals attack any and all possible victims. Hacking services such as ransomware are sophisticated in the way they operate, and hold businesses large and small to ransom, every day. It’s no longer enough to simply rely on a firewall, anti-virus or other more traditional solutions – we instead need to utilise the newest IT security solutions and the very best expertise in the industry. And that’s where we come in.

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    Cybersecurity services

    Way beyond simply firewalls and anti-virus, we offer a wide range of cutting-
    edge IT cybersecurity solutions.

    KBIT IT Managed Services Icon
    Network monitoring and
    firewall management
    KBIT IT Managed Services Icon
    breach testing
    KBIT IT Managed Services Icon
    24/7 monitoring and
    KBIT IT Managed Services Icon
    Vulnerability and risk
    KBIT IT Managed Services Icon
    KBIT IT Managed Services Icon
    Disaster recovery and
    continuity planning

    Everything your business needs

    All KBIT clients can be assured that best practises are at the forefront of any Managed Service support plan. Our cyber security specialists protect your business by ensuring the below protection is audited and rectified as a bare minimum and at no extra cost outside of your Managed Services plan.

    • Icon Check Yearly cybersecurity insurance policy compliance and rectification
    • Icon Check 2-Factor and/or Multi-Factor Authentication on all externally hosted systems
    • Icon Check Network firewall and segregation at business premise and cloud
    • Icon Check Operating system and software patch management and auditing

    Enterprise Endpoint Protection on all end user devices and servers

    Endpoint risk analytics & management

    • Risk analytics
    • Patch management
    • Full disk encryption
    • Web threat protection
    • Content filtering and control
    • Device control

    Prevention, behaviour monitoring & remediation

    • Exploit defense
    • Local and cloud machine
    • 0-Trust continuous process
    • Network attack defence
    • Firewall
    • Email security
    • Automated disinfection and removal

    Advanced threat prevention

    • Fileless attack defense
    • Hyperdetect tunable
    • Cloud sandbox analyser

    Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

    • Kill chain visualisation
    • Root cause analysis
    • Incident detection and guided investigation
    • Anomoly detection
    • MITRE event tagging
    • Isolate endpoints
    • Remote command shell
    • Managed detection and response

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