Frequently asked questions

KBIT Managed IT Services offer ongoing IT support at a fixed monthly fee. It involves proactive monitoring and maintenance along with priority support and management to keep the IT systems of small to large businesses operating at peak performance.

The benefits of Managed IT services include:

  • IT Issues get resolved quickly before they impact your business’s operations.
  • Ongoing proactive maintenance reduces the risk of security breaches, data loss and downtime.
  • Fixed monthly fees make your IT expenses more predictable and easy to plan.
  • Increases productivity, saves time and reduces operating costs by allowing you to focus on your business without having to worry about any technical IT issues.
  • 24/7 remote monitoring allows us to take instant corrective action.

Managed IT Services support all types of businesses in all industries. This ranges from small to medium size companies seeking complete IT support so they can focus on their core business and reduce operational costs, to larger companies wanting to supplement their in house IT staff, thereby freeing up resources to complete more strategic projects. Even start-ups that don’t have the financial resources for their own IT staff can use Managed IT services to handle all of their IT issues.

KBIT offers three different fixed-rate monthly Managed IT services support plans based on the needs of your business. More details about these plans are provided above.

Our Managed IT Service plans including the following:

  • Unlimited Monthly IT Support at Fixed Rates
  • 24/7 IT Support Centre
  • Microsoft Office 365 included in all IT Support Plans
  • Full PC & Network Security included in all IT Support Plans
  • Access Experienced & Professional KBIT Support Teams

KBIT server management services include the set-up and monitoring of disk space, memory consumption, resource usage, security, network and process speeds as well as contactable technicians.

Any medium to large scale businesses. We have worked with many industries ranging from corporate, retail and hospitality to government, engineering and defence.

Server management is vital to any small to large business for data storage and performance. It is extremely important servers are managed correctly for security and efficiency purposes.

Without correct server management, you open your business up to security threats, data loss, slow processing speeds and much more. The benefits are faster and safer processes and peace of mind for businesses to focus on their main operations.

Server maintenance, Offsite cloud backup storing and management, and Disaster recovery management.

A Virtual Private Cloud is a digital networking environment that allows your business to operate online via its own private cloud network through a third party shared server. Think of it as a private cloud within a public cloud.

Public cloud hosting shares and divides the resources of all parties that operate on the public cloud. A virtual private cloud works within a public cloud but with measures in place that ensures private computing resource management.

The main advantage of Virtual Private Clouds is that your business has control over the virtual environment as your resources are not shared. It is also more cost-efficient compared to independent private cloud server hosting.

The cost of hosting a virtual private cloud is dependent on the scale of resources your business requires. Contact us to enquire further information.

Virtual private clouds help small to large businesses looking to store data and host servers without sharing resources from such hostings as fully public clouds.

KBIT IT Consultants are made up of certified IT engineers, project managers and specialists who work with your business and provide effective IT solutions across all areas of IT from monitoring and maintaining your IT systems to providing expert advice and strategies.

IT consulting services offer businesses with informational and technical support on their IT systems over a range of categories including systems set-up and installations, monitoring and maintenance, consultations, troubleshooting and more.

IT consulting firms are composed of professionals and specialists who are up-to-date and experienced with providing the most effective solutions for your business; therefore, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

KBIT Consultants provide expert and professional IT solutions for small to large businesses needing or experiencing IT issues, either on an ongoing contracted basis or once off ad-hoc.

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